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heartcanttakeit's Journal

₪øΞ.o. heartcanttakeit ₪øΞ.o.
1 June 1987
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☆ Julia
→ Goes by Julez
→ Twenty six
→ Five tattoos
→ Seven piercings
→ Gemini
→ two puppies
♥ ♫
♥ concerts
♥ stars
♥ lighthouses
♥ tigers
♥ travel

♥ tattoos
♥ piercing
♫ 30 Seconds To Mars
♫ New Found Glory
♫ Good Charlotte
♫ Avenged Sevenfold
♫ Gym Class Heroes
♫ Cobra Starship
♫ New Kids On The Block
♫ Big Time Rush
♫ Chris Brown
♫ Kenny Chesney
♫ Pink
♫ Lady GaGa
♫ Ashley Tisdale

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30 seconds to mars, 30stm, 311, 80s, 90s, akon, ashley tisdale, batman, big time rush, btr, california, carlos pena, carmen electra, chad gilbert, chris brown, christina aguilera, christina ricci, clouds, cobra starship, concerts, corbin bleu, cyrus bolooki, dalmatians, dancing, drake and josh, drake bell, drums, dvd, e!, echelon, elton john, empire records, facebook, fall out boy, fox news, ginger snaps, ginger snaps 2 unleashed, good charlotte, guitar, gym class heroes, halloween, handcuffs, hank baskett, hazen street, heath ledger, heidi klum, hollywood, hoodies, horror movies, hotair balloons, house, hummingbirds, ian grushka, international superheroes of hardcore, italian, itunes, jack skellington, jake gyllenhaal, james maslow, jared leto, jeff hardy, jenna jameson, johnny depp, jordan pundik, kate hudson, katy perry, kendra wilkinson, kenny chesney, lady gaga, las vegas, last.fm, lightening, lighthouses, ll cool j, logan henderson, lsu, makeup, marilyn monroe, matt wachter, metro station, motion city soundtrack, movies, moviescenester, music, my darling murder, my so-called life, ne-yo, new found glory, new orleans, new orleans saints, night, nkotb, p!nk, panic! at the disco, papa roach, paul walker, pearl jam, photography, playboy, playmate of the month, pogo, rain, rancid, rock and roll, saved by the bell, shannon leto, shepard smith, shopping, shows, silverchair, singing in the car, snake bites, stars, steve klein, t-pain, tattoos, tea, text messaging, the boondocks, the crow, the girls next door, the nightmare before christmas, the used, thirty seconds to mars, tigers, tomo milicevic, travel, tyra banks, usher, vampires, werewolves, white tigers, , , ,